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Earthquake Outrigger Auger Torque Reducer 43099

SKU 43099

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Earthquake Outrigger Auger Torque Reducer

Earthquake Auger Torque Reducer Overview

Tired of wrestling with your Earth Auger on uneven ground and battling the torque that throws your balance?

The Earthquake 43099 Outrigger Auger Torque Reducer is your solution! This ingenious accessory transforms your Earthquake Dually Powerhead into a balanced, effortless earth-boring beast, letting you conquer tough terrain and save your back from frustrating torque twists.

The Earthquake Outrigger Auger Torque Reducer is a great tool for turning a two-man auger job into a one-man job. Reduce operator impact by up to 75% with the Outrigger. Its durable cast iron axle joint is built to last and its tool-less connection to compatible Earthquake Dually Powerhead Model 43101 attaches it quickly and easily.

Flip the Outrigger over into transport mode to help move your Earthquake auger to your desired drilling location.

Ready to transform your Earth Augering experience? Order your Earthquake Outrigger Auger Torque Reducer today!

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Earthquake Dually Powerhead with outrigger auger torque reducer

Earthquake Auger Torque Reducer Features

  • Tame the Torque - Forget white-knuckle grappling! The Outrigger dampens and absorbs Auger torque, letting you focus on drilling precise holes with improved control and reduced muscle strain. No more fighting against wobbles or sudden twists.
  • Conquer Uneven Terrain - Say goodbye to struggling on hills and slopes. The Outrigger's pivoting axle joint adapts to uneven ground, keeping your Auger level and maximizing drilling efficiency even on tricky terrain.
  • One-Touch Transformation - Easily attach and detach the Outrigger with the handy pull handle. No tools needed! Switch between solo and two-person mode in seconds, depending on your project and preference.
  • Double Duty Design - When you're finished drilling, simply flip the Outrigger over to use it as a transport dolly. Haul your Auger effortlessly between work areas, saving time and energy.
  • Universal Compatibility - Works seamlessly with the Earthquake Dually Powerhead (Model 43101), making it a perfect upgrade for existing equipment. No need to invest in a whole new machine.

Earthquake 43099 Auger Torque Reducer Specs

Manufacturer Earthquake Power Equipment
Model 43099
Attachment Mechanism Toggle Locking Pin
Material Steel & Cast Iron
Net Weight 30 lbs
Outside Wheel Width 20 in
Rust Resistant Yes
Tire Diameter 9.65 in
Tire Material Rubber
Tire Type Airless
Assembled Dimensions 51.3 x 20 x 9.65 in
Box Dimensions 50.5 x 11 x 6.6 in
Warranty 5-Year

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