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by Brave

Brave Trencher | 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor | Honda GX270


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Brave Pro Trencher with 5in. Bedmaster Rotor Powered by 270 cc Honda GX270 ( BRPT9SH5)

Brave Trencher 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor Honda GX270 Overview

Introducing the Brave 9-inch Trencher with 5-inch Bedmaster Rotor, a premier solution tailored for precision landscaping and trenching tasks. Engineered to cater to professionals and rental businesses alike, the Brave Trencher paves the path for efficient and versatile ground preparation.

Imagine effortlessly steering to create seamless curves or crafting the perfect edge for your landscape bricks. With this trencher, you can accomplish more than just digging; you unlock the artistry in landscaping. The inclusion of a 5-inch Bedmaster rotor, along with interchangeable rotors, offers unmatched versatility for both trenching and landscaping operations.

Key benefits that set the Brave Trencher apart include its ability to neatly pile excavated dirt for easy backfilling, minimal turf damage ensuring a pristine working area, and a positive steering mechanism that ensures your creative vision is accurately brought to life. Powered by the reliable Honda GX270 engine and equipped with tungen carbide rotor points, this machine is built to perform efficiently up to a 9-inch depth, making it the ideal tool for a wide range of projects including laying cables, edging, and more.

Don't settle for less in your landscaping projects. Elevate your capabilities with the Brave Bedmaster Rotor Trencher. Perfect for rental utilization or personal investment, this steerable trencher/bed sculptor is a must-have for those who prioritize efficiency and quality in their outdoor work.

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Brave Trencher | 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor | Honda GX270 Features

  • Equipment Type: Steerable Trencher
  • Blade Size: Includes a standard 5 In. Rotor
  • Clutch: Features a Double Belt Pulley System for reliability
  • Displacement: A robust 270cc engine ensures powerful performance
  • Engine Model: Fueled by the dependable Honda GX270
  • Max Trench Depth: Reaches up to 9 inches deep
  • Rotor Points: Equipped with durable Tungsten Carbide points for extended use
  • Versatility: Comes with a 5-in. bed edging rotor; additional rotors available to suit various tasks
  • Minimal Turf Damage: Designed for precision to maintain the integrity of your landscape
  • Positive Steering Mechanism: Ensures smooth curves and accurate landscaping
infograph of the features of Brave Pro 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor Powered by Honda GX270 (BRPT9SH5)

Brave Pro 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor Honda GX270 - BRPT9SH5 Specs

Manufacturer BravePro
Model BRPT9SH5
Product Category Trencher
Displacement 196cc
Dry Weight 175 Lbs
Engine Gx270
Engine Brand Honda
Max Chain Speed 30 Ft. Per Minute
Max Trench Depth 9 In.
Max Trench Width 1/2 In. To 9 In.
Wheels Steel W/ Pneumatic Tires
Blade Size 5 In. Rotor Standard
Rate Up To 30 Ft. Per Minute
Rotor Points Tungsten Carbide
Starter Recoil
Warranty 2 Year Limited

Brave Pro 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor Honda GX270 - BRPT9SH5 Video

Brave Trencher | 5-In. Bedmaster Rotor | Honda GX270 Reviews