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Crary Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder - 390cc Honda Cyclone


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Crary BearCat Stump Grinder Powered by 390cc Honda Cyclone (SGPRO)

Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder Overview

Powered by a robust 390cc Honda engine equipped with a cyclonic air filter system, the Crary BearCat SGPRO Stump Grinder is engineered to tackle the most stubborn stumps in your yard or commercial landscape.

The SGPRO isn't just another stump grinder. Its heart beats with a 390cc Honda engine, designed to deliver relentless power and unmatched durability. The cyclonic air filter system ensures that the engine breathes clean air even in the dustiest conditions, extending the life of the engine and maintaining peak performance.

The SGPRO boasts the thickest rotor in its class, a 14″ diameter powerhouse equipped with 8 Carbide Greenteeth®, designed to cut 11" above ground and 5" below, ensuring a thorough removal of any stump in its path. Whether it's a small backyard project or a large commercial venture, this stump grinder is up to the challenge.

Navigating through tight spaces? The SGPRO's streamlined 28″ design width paired with 13″ pneumatic tires makes it a breeze to maneuver in any yard size. The easy-to-reach controls and a fully collapsible, 5-position ergonomic handlebar mean that comfort and convenience do not have to be sacrificed.

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Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder | 390cc Honda Cyclone Engine Features

  • 390cc Honda Engine with Cyclonic Air Filter: Delivers unmatched power and durability while ensuring the engine operates efficiently in all conditions.
  • 14″ Diameter Rotor with 8 Carbide Greenteeth®: Offers superior cutting performance, allowing for an 11" above ground cut and a 5" below ground cut, making stump removal quick and thorough.
  • Streamlined 28″ Design Width with 13″ Pneumatic Tires: Ensures easy maneuverability in tight spaces and across various terrains.
  • Fully Collapsible, 5-Position Ergonomic Handlebar: Provides comfort and convenience, making operation easy and storage hassle-free.
  • Best-In-Class Warranty: Offers peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected by Crary® Bear Cat®'s commitment to quality.
Crary® Bear Cat® SGPRO Stump Grinder - Powered by 390cc Honda GX390  Cyclone

Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder Specs

Manufacturer Crary Bear Cat
Product Category Stump Grinder
Make Honda GX with Cyclonic Air Filter
Gross HP 11.7
Displacement 390 cc
Starter Recoil
Drive Type Bestorq® 2BX59-X5 Double-band Belt with Centrifugal Clutch
Clutch Noram
Rotor Size/Weight 14″ rotor/34.5 lbs.
Rotor rpm 2900 rpm
L x W x H 45″ x 28″ x 28″
Above Ground 11″
Below Grade 5″
Cutting Teeth 8 Greenteeth® Wearsharp™ (Dirt)
Wheels 13/500 x 6, 13″ pne with brake drum and band
Weight 250 lbs.

Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder's Features in Video

Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder's Video in Action

Crary Bearcat SGPRO Stump Grinder FAQs

Do I need a trailer to transport it?

The weights of the stump grinders range from 180 – 250 pounds. With the folding handle bar the stump grinders can fit in an SUV, truck box, or hauled on a trailer.

Will it fit through my: gate/garage(pedestrian) door/etc.?

The stump grinder is less than 30” wide and will fit through most standard door or gate openings.

How long do cutting teeth last?

Stump grinder teeth have 3 cutting surfaces and can be indexed twice prior to sharpening or replacing. Depending on the type, age, and cleanliness of the area surrounding the stump, Stump Grinder teeth will work well for 5-15 hours before needing to be indexed. Rocks, sand, and other foreign debris in and around the stump can reduce the life of the teeth.

Crary Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder Owner's Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Crary Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder Owner's Manual

Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder Owner

Crary Bear Cat SGPRO Stump Grinder - 390cc Honda Cyclone Reviews